For me, integrity is an attribute of a person that allows me to trust implicitly in that person.

Now, this raises an interesting point to my mind. I repeat the phrase to my mind. The point is: we all, every single individual that has walked, is walking or will walk on this earth, has a mind that is singularly their own. And therefore it follows that our minds differ in their content and expression.

If and when I have decided a person has integrity then I accept fully that that person's words and actions are proceeding from their true self, from their heart. Let me take as a hypothetical (and yet real for me) example: two people that I believe have integrity -- there is no such thing as partial integrity -- hold differing opinions about a certain matter of mutual interest. Who is 'right', who is 'wrong'? And who is deciding that question?  I am. Am I 'right' or 'wrong'? It is my mind that makes that decision. And of course that is totally subjective anyway.

So accepting these factors, just knowing that I have this trust in the integrity of the two individuals allows me to gracefully -- and indeed gratefully -- move along in the natural flow of their and my lives. And maintain the bond of deep friendship that is deep-seated and beyond the frailties of the mind.