Living My Life Beyond Recovery Means More Than Just Freedom From Addiction


I believe in dismantling and eliminating as far as possible all limitations on living the fullest life available. Categorising and labelling, for me, are often just such impediments to greater personal growth and self development. Therefore, I do not label myself as an ‘alcoholic’ – I was one. I’m also not ‘in recovery’, nor a ‘recovering alcoholic’. Even though I now experience freedom from addiction, none of these labels are my true identity, and I am determined to live a life true to myself, unlike during those dark alcoholic days.

Freedom From Addiction

I do not need to be reminded of what I was. I know only too well. But I have moved on from there. I feel no fear that if I don’t regularly remind myself of that past condition I will be in danger of relapsing. My take is almost the opposite. ‘What you resist persists,’ and to me, that is almost tantamount to resisting relapse, an ongoing lifelong struggle. I have no such struggle.

A friend of mine some time ago said, “we have to be careful every day that we don’t drink,” and he said, “every day I have a craving to drink”. I did not resonate at all with that approach, and I said I am not a part of the generalised ‘we’ that ‘have to be careful’. Each to his own and mine is an extremely freedom-filled attitude towards life, which is more than just freedom from addiction.

So that’s enough regarding the recovery aspect.

Beyond Recovery

‘Beyond’ is where I am, have my being, and live. A veritable place of freedom and potential joy and peace. ‘What you focus on expands’. And so I focus on many positive and uplifting aspects of life. It is an ongoing deep enquiry and exploration of life, of living – the verb.

Rather than recovery, which suggests to me going back to a former acceptable place, I think in terms of discovery – an exciting, almost adventurous approach to living. Inviting and enticing newness, freshness, and creativity into my life, in each present moment and merging with the future.

Rather than recovery, which suggests to me going back to a former acceptable place, I think in terms of discovery – an exciting, almost adventurous approach to living.

In this time and space of ‘beyond’, I am not only questing to bring about my own highest good but also seeking avenues whereby I can potentially be of the greatest benefit to others. There is no ‘status quo’ as such but rather an inexorable progressing of advancement.

My current highest ideal is striving to raise my level of consciousness while at the same time, as part of my perceived purpose in life, assisting others who are similarly inclined to raise their consciousness levels likewise. This, like any chosen path, is not a path for everyone. Those who are attracted and resonate will know it instinctively; they will not need to be told.

Beyond Even Beyond!

And so for me, even the ‘beyond’ falls away. There is just a state of experiencing an ongoing depth of self-exploration – and more. Exploration is exciting, filled with unknown possibilities. It is a life filled with purpose. The feelings and sense of attainment of often unasked for gifts of insight and experience are difficult to describe. Self-experience is its own attainment.

I am inextricably entwined in a radical pursuit of spiritual discovery. This is my journey. Each of us will have our own very personal paths, carved out both by ourselves as well as by … something yet to be discovered? This questioning and questing are a substantial yet unseen part of being and advancing in and beyond beyond!