Mind and Heart


There is no question that the human brain has spurred humanity on to incredible achievements and areas of progress. Current astonishingly rapid technological advances underline this fact. A question: has the heart kept pace with these advances? Each will answer according to their subjective thinking and experiences and likely possible direct involvement in particular advances.

There remain multiple areas of major concern in the world, no matter the brain-power utilised to overcome obstacles and challenges of various natures. In this regard I believe it is imperative that the heart be fully recognised as an essential element in any solution-seeking venture.

An example: there are a number of highly (mentally) intelligent people negotiating a peace treaty. There may well be mutual accord found on an intellectual level and agreement signatures are appended to the agreed upon content of the documents. However – a big however - if a peaceful intent, a loving intent, is not engraved upon the hearts of the signees the treaty is potentially not lastingly durable.

The intellect undoubtedly is a proven powerful instrument. Often, sadly, the similarly powerful heart has not been accorded the same respect, worthiness and utility. It can often be summarily dismissed as sheer emotion, something invisible, not worthwhile taking heed of; or at worst maligned as a useless tool, not required for manufacturing or creating 'important things of progress for the world'.

Why is it that throughout the ages, in various philosophies and religions, the heart has been taught to hold a prime position in the lives of all people? And not merely symbolically or metaphorically, but indeed literally and physically. We are strongly advised to listen to the heart for very real guidance. This of course is a theory that can immediately be dismissed out of hand, and this will be the truth of those doing so. For those who are willing to test this hypothesis, results may well be very different. Each according to their personal perspective, actions and experience.

Maybe it is so that no challenge facing humanity can ever be solved on the level of mental acumen, intellect, alone. That the heart has to be, has to be, a recognised equal partner in all human endeavours. Including, and especially, love as a primal force of nature, of the heart.