My Shadow



I think it is so, that there are life lessons I can learn in many moments of my daily life. One of these lessons occurred not many moments ago after I had decided to write this short essay. It is that I can only really write about 'my shadow' because I cannot know what the truth is for anyone else. Possibly someone can learn something from my personal experiences but who am I to generalise by talking about our shadow?

Another lesson for me: I regularly walk early on a Saturday morning with a small group of friends, but this was cancelled last night because of impending rain. Always enjoyable but this morning not happening. So I went out for a jog/walk around my neighbourhood. Another lesson: out of something so-called bad something good -- a beautiful exercise session with my thoughts to myself; being grateful for my health and fitness and appreciating the early morning darkness and views and sounds of Nature.

Now back to the title: I was also grateful for no loadshedding so there were streetlights on. I saw my shadow moving along in front of me, and realising that at other times it was moving behind me and sometimes completely blended within my physical frame.

As with the light-caused shadow so too I have this shadow, this human shadow of weaknesses, frailties and temptations; sometimes in front of me, obvious and even misguiding me. Sometimes behind me, unseen, lurking, ready to pounce; but always with me, constantly.

Being aware of this shadow can be seen as a great advantage, as something good: a tool I can utilise to, as Socrates is quoted as saying: 'Know Thyself'. Being aware of my shadow allows me to self-improve, to be a 'better' human being, in the first instance allowing me to enjoy greater health and happiness and, importantly, to be of greater benefit to the world.

Thank you shadow!