New Moon, New Me


Let Go, letting go, thinking, contemplation

I was out early this morning walking and jogging. The sky was clear with a beautiful New Moon spreading its all-revealing light on the earth and its inhabitants below. Including me. Except it wasn't a new Moon it was indeed a Full Moon!

While I was thinking it was a new moon I thought: every moment the moon is new. Likewise, we as human beings are new beings in each passing moment. It is easy to think we don't change so quickly because we don't see it happening. Yet it is so, every millisecond cells are dying and being born within our physical makeup. New moon, new me. And it's completely up to me to decide what sort of newness I bring about in my ever-new life. Surely an exciting prospect? If it is not, are we making full use of this precious gift of Life?

On realising it was rather a Full Moon, I thought: what sort of thoughts is my mind filled with?  Aha! I had been ruminating negatively on communication, expectations and disappointments; these were in connection with friends whom I felt had not responded to messages I had sent them. I was contemplating re-messaging them in a somewhat not fully conciliatory style. After some time I thought, no, the full moon is recommending me to rather fill my mind with positive, uplifting thoughts. This requires me to utilise that which I regularly suggest to others: Let Go of these negative thoughts and rather fill my mind with...? Why not Love? Loving energy overcomes all negativities. So much more beneficial fullness, which I definitely personally feel and now radiate to the world around me. New Me, Full Me. Thank you, Moon!